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Are you the missing piece of our team?

Whether your talents lie in food preparation, guest service, or both, you are an integral part of a team effort to create the total Hoss’s experience for our guests.

Part-time, full-time, entering the workforce, re-entering the workforce, etc. learn more about our open positions in the tabs below.


Our Servers spend the most “face-time” with our guests and are key to delivering the “Hoss’pitality” our guests expect.  We are looking for individuals who will deliver this “Guest-First” service by providing a genuine, pleasant, and meaningful interaction, that is both professional and appropriate and tailored to each guest’s needs.  Essential to this position are strong communication and listening skills,  strong menu knowledge,  and high levels of organization and accuracy. Servers must be able to use descriptive language and to read non-verbal cues such as body language.  In providing this Guest-First service, our servers respond urgently to guest concerns.  They resolve guest complaints, and they exceed guest expectations.


Our hosts understand the power behind a first impression.  They are the first smiling face our guests see as they enter our doors.  By providing sincere personal greetings and  accommodating special seating requests, our hosts make our guests feel truly welcome.  Highly organized and quickly responding to guest requests, our hosts are responsible for ensuring proper seating rotation, possessing a strong knowledge of our menu and daily offerings, and the ability to cash out our guests if needed.  Also skilled in resolving guest complaints or concerns, our hosts ensure that each guest leaves happy and wanting to return.


No restaurant is complete without a highly skilled individual who can create a visually stunning, highly flavorful, and perfectly prepared entrée.  Highly organized, efficient, and possessing strong attention to detail, our cooks ensure that each meal they prepare is of the highest quality and will not serve any meal that does not achieve our standards.  Strong menu knowledge, an ability to follow recipes, and an ability to utilize a variety of cooking methods and procedures are just a few of the essentials for this position.  Strong communication and listening skills coupled with a sincere desire to provide quality entrees with the guest as the #1 priority round this position out.


Behind the scenes of the dining room, our dishwashers play a very valuable role in ensuring each and every guest has a safe and healthy dining experience.  By understanding the importance of their position, our dishwashers keep our guest’s health and safety as their #1 priority.  They work in a fast-paced and challenging environment and stay focused on ensuring that every plate, small-ware, and cooking utensil is clean, dry, sanitized, and inspected before use.

Prep Cook

Without a doubt, we are known for our Salad Bar – and our Prep cooks are largely responsible for preparing those hearth-baked breads, home-made soups and salads, tasty fruits and delightful desserts.  Having a thorough knowledge of our recipes and the ability to follow those recipes, our Prep cooks thrive on consistently providing quality soups, salads, and desserts to our guests.  A strong ability to spot and correct recipe inconsistencies coupled with a sincere desire to place only the freshest and highest quality items on our salad bar are essential to this position.

Salad Bar

Our Salad Bar employees know that people eat with their eyes first – which is exactly why they strive to maintain neat, clean, full, and attractive salad bars.  Being highly organized, very efficient, and maybe even a bit of a perfectionist doesn’t mean that this position is all task-oriented though.  Our Salad Bar employees know that they have constant interaction with our guests, and love that part of their jobs.  Helping someone find an item, carrying a cup of soup back to a table for a guest, or helping a child reach those coveted sprinkles on the dessert-bar is what drives our salad bar crew – they love people – and clean, full and appetizing salad bars.

Restaurant Manager

We believe that our managers are instrumental in building and leading a team of crew members that embody the positive, productive culture of “Hoss’pitality”.  These individuals positively contribute to successful restaurant-level operations and achieve company objectives through a strong blend of Fiscal Responsibility, Operational and Quality Standards, Safety Awareness, Guest and Employee Relations, Administration, and Continuous Education.  These individuals also display a forward-thinking approach in these areas. Our managers model and demonstrate leadership that is aligned with that of the company’s core values.

Management Internship / Externship

Our Internship/Externship program is a 400-hour-based program that can be tailored to meet each student’s needs as well as their college requirements.  The program takes you through the same Learner Controlled Program that is used to train our Assistant Managers. It provides training and experience in all the operational and management areas throughout the restaurant including shift running, opening and closing management duties, and inventory and payroll reporting.

Corporate Office Talent Pool

Although there are currently no open positions at our Corporate Office, we encourage you to complete an application and upload your resume should an opening become available.  Your application will remain active for 90 days, and after that time, you will be eligible to re-apply.  We sincerely “Thank You” for your interest in Hoss’s Steak & Sea House!

Values We Love

Service to others
Learning, Growth, and Continuous Improvement