New Crew Member Opportunities

We invite you to become a part of the Hoss’s Steak and Sea House Hoss’pitality Team!

Your role in Hoss’s operation can be as varied and lucrative as you are willing to make it. Our goal is to have you enjoy your work and become an expert at what you do. Whether your talents lie in food preparation, guest service, or both, you can play an integral part of a team effort to create the total Hoss’s experience for our guests.

Each Hoss’s restaurant is comprised of one big family, each helping one another through teamwork like you’ve never seen before! At Hoss’s, we are very serious about getting the job done . . . satisfying our guests . . . and having a great time doing it! HOSS’pitality is our sincere dedication to making everyone feel welcome and wanting to return. Working for Hoss’s provides an opportunity to make money and to develop your work skills for the future.

Prior experience is not required; we will provide the time and the training you will need to be successful. Our managers will monitor your progress with written evaluations during your first 90 days and every six months thereafter. We believe in equal opportunity and prefer to promote from within whenever possible.

Versatile and Flexible for You

We offer a friendly, high energy atmosphere in which to work. This is in addition to good pay and many opportunities for advancement. Hoss’s believes that holidays are family days. Therefore, our restaurants are closed seven major holidays. This allows our employees time to spend with their families. Our employees also receive generous meal discounts.

Hoss’s is ideal for students and others who require great flexibility. We will work around your busy schedule. Are you going back home after the semester or planning to go away for college? With over 36 restaurant locations, it is easy to relocate to a Hoss’s near your home or school. Need to work around your family’s busy schedule? No problem! We will work with you to give you a schedule that works best for your situation.

For those interested in management, Hoss’s is a great place to learn and understand how a successful business operates. And, yes, the opportunity for you to become a manager is available. Our company is full of success stories. Many of our current managers and senior level managers started their careers as crew members. The opportunities at Hoss’s are very real for those with desire and ability.

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