Manager in Training Program

Hoss’s Steak and Sea House provides management training through our Restaurants and Corporate Operations Learning and Development Department. One of the primary responsibilities of the Learning and Development Department is to develop Hoss’s management personnel. As a team, they strive to help each member of the Hoss family establish a personal plan for development and guide managers in the direction that will lead to their success.

If you succeed in meeting the high standards set by Hoss’s Steak and Sea House, you will begin your challenging career as a “Manager in Training” (MIT). Our training program is conducted over a ten to twelve-week period. The first weeks are structured for operational training. During this time, you will be learning and performing the core basics of our concept. This training includes the front-of-the-house customer service areas and back-of-the-house food preparation areas. At Hoss’s, our training philosophy is mastery of the basics. To lead and manage our restaurants, you must fully understand all areas. The training program concludes with three weeks of shift management training.

You are responsible for your own training and development. During the training program, the Certified Department Trainer or Manager assigned to your training will monitor your progress and evaluate your leadership skills. You will use the Training Plans, Manuals and videos as tools to be successful with your training program.

To finalize your MIT Program, you will be enrolled into the Hoss University Leadership Series. This series is designed to teach and develop the more intangible management skills. During this five-day series, you will develop your skills in recruiting, interviewing, motivating, evaluating, situational leadership, and running a business.

Training does not stop after the MIT Program at Hoss’s. We believe that training is a continuous and lifelong process. This belief has been incorporated as part of your development. You will find many workshops and meetings scheduled to help with your management development. You will find a library stocked with many books, cassettes, and videos. Hoss’s believes in continuing education, and for this, we offer financial assistance for your further growth in the management field. Continuing education assistance is offered after one full year of service.

A graphical version of the Cycle of Training is also available here.

Internal Promotion Program

At Hoss’s Steak and Sea House we believe strongly in our Internal Manager Development Programs. Many of our current managers started their careers in management as team members. Crew members are chosen based on their overall operations talents, their leadership skills, and their desire to become a restaurant manager.

The Internal Manager in Training Program works much in the same as our traditional program. As a candidate, you will work through the operations areas gaining the knowledge and expertise of that area. The management team will act as your mentor by training you in the skills necessary to manage people and a business.

The Internal Manager in Training Program has a very unique benefit. This program allows you time to develop. Traditionally, these programs run between three months to one year to complete. This extra time allows our candidates with limited experience the time to really understand our restaurant operations and management responsibilities.

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