Many employers are now looking for employees with previous work experience. New employees with prior experience have shown a greater ability to succeed in the new work environment. Practical experience helps you prepare and better understand the skills necessary to succeed in this challenging field.

Hoss’s has developed an Internship/Externship Program that helps you gain real world experience of Restaurant Management. Our program is a 400-hour-base program that can be tailored to meet each student’s needs as well as college requirements.

The program takes the individual through the same Learner Controlled Program that is used to train our Assistant Managers. The program gives you training and experience in all the operational and management areas through the restaurant. Management training will include shift running, opening and closing management duties, and inventory and payroll reporting.

During training, you will be working with an experienced staff that will help you learn the operations of Hoss’s. You will receive weekly feedback as well as being tested through the areas to insure your knowledge.

The hourly rate for the Internship/Externship is based on your experience. This rate will be negotiated during the interview process.

Hoss’s uses the internship program to help you learn, but also helps us find potential new managers. At the end of the Internship/Externship Program an offer of employment may be rendered based on your performance and position availability.

For an Internship with Hoss’s Steak and Sea House